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What Happens During a Test?

The hearing test procedure is very straightforward. First we establish some background information regarding any hearing problems you may be having; then we conduct a thorough examination of your ears – looking at the condition of the outside part of the ear and also the ear canal and eardrum.

If all is satisfactory, we test your hearing using the British Society of Audiology standards. Earphones are placed over each of your ears; you are played sounds and asked to respond when you hear them by pressing a button. We plot your results on a graph – called an audiogram – and explain the results to you in an understandable manner, answering any questions you may have.

The next stage is to make sure that we can satisfy your needs and tailor your choice of hearing aid to your individual hearing loss. Once we have assessed the type and degree of your hearing loss, our audiology staff will help you to make a decision on a suitable instrument. You will be given helpful advice on the range of digital hearing aids that are available to you: there are different sizes and technologies designed to suit your type of hearing loss, your needs and your budget. Silicon ear impressions are taken of your ears and your instrument is manufactured.

We then invite you back for a fitting session, at which time we will explain to you how to get the best from your hearing aid and discuss practical issues like inserting and removing your aid, changing its batteries and keeping it clean.