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FREE Lifetime Aftercare

When you buy a hearing aid from us you are buying a full hearing care service, which also includes aftercare and support, at no extra cost. Our aftercare consists of:

All our hearing aids come with a two-year manufacturer warranty against breakdown.

We also offer a free lifetime aftercare service whereby we will see each client on a regular basis to check ear condition, Couple outside at nightaid condition and also retest annually to ensure the aid is working at maximum effectiveness.

Should you have any issues at any other time, we will happily see you whether at home or in any of our offices or day centres to resolve the problem for you for free.

Standard trial periods for most products are 30 days. However, if required, we can negotiate with the manufacturer for a longer period. Once the trial period is completed and you are happy with the product, we then take payment. If for any reason you trial a hearing aid and decide not to buy it, we will support that decision and you will not incur any costs. You are free to walk away at this point, or we will happily explore other options with you.