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Do I Need A Hearing Aid?

For most people hearing loss occurs gradually, so you may not notice the signs right away. Do you identify with any of the following?

If so, it may well be that you have some degree of hearing loss. Why not do something about it today and book an appointment with our fully HAC-registered (Hearing Aid Council) hearing aid audiologists to find out more about your hearing health.

Understanding Hearing Loss

Group out for drinks.If you are experiencing difficulties with your hearing, you can feel cut off and day-to-day communication can become a chore, but you are not alone. Around 9 million people in the UK – one in seven of the population – experience some level of hearing loss.

Recent studies have shown that untreated hearing loss affects our well-being – emotionally and socially, our relationships with friends and family, and our overall quality of life. For individuals still in the workplace, hearing loss can have a negative impact on income potential as well.

The good news is that Scottish Hearing Services offer the latest hearing aid technology that is proven at providing hearing and communication solutions.